Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the Archives: The Day I Met The Strokes

Having to endure a rather boring day in work yesterday, I decided to trawl through my old blog.  What gems that proffered.  I was a boke-worthy teenager.  Really.  But one thing I am SO glad I documented is my love for The Strokes.  In particular, I blogged about the 2nd time I went to see them, on 30th November 2003 in Belfast.  Reading through my blog it all came back to me - it was announced really quickly and the tickets only went on sale 3 days before the show!  It was a mad dash to get tickets - they sold out in 10 minutes and I got my slimy mitts on them.

I've no real reason to share this except for my own posterity, so I give you my summary of the gig, written on 1st December 2003, by me, aged 17.  I'm dead eloquent.

"[ mood: ecstatic ]

THAT was amazing.

The gig was just, well, fannnnnnnnnnnntastic. They played an even mix of old and new and the guitars were blisssssful. Oh my. Julian was just...eek. Although I did laugh when he turned round after getting a cigarette and walked straight into the microphone teehee. We started off in the 3rd row but eventually moved back because I was being mightily squished. But wow!!!!!

To make the day even more perfect...

I MET THE STROKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to the venue quite early and after I'd collected the tickets we waited round the back for the bus to come. I got a photo with Julian! JULIAN CASABLANCAS PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!! I near died, I did. So hopefully I'll get that photo soon. Nick (who is FAR more beautiful than I'd ever imagined, and so polite to go with it - our eyes met and I knew it was love *cough*), Albert (swish!!!) and Julian all signed my ticket envelope and Fab (aaargh) signed my shoe! Wowwwww it was just all so surreal. I'd met Albert before but it was just a quick "Sign this" but wow they were so close and so...real! I offered Julian a can of beer and he said no, I stood back in absolute shock. He said he already had beer inside. I then told him he had hurt my feelings, so he took it, probably to get rid of me but I prefer to believe he took it as a keepsake from his one true love (being me). Wow I still can't believe I met them all, it was soooo unbelievable because they're the one band I actually do worship and woah, it felt goooooood!

All in all a very satisfactory evening. No doubt I shall post more as I remember it."

And the proof?

Well, here's a fresh-faced little me, with the Casablancas.  Poor quality, but it is him, and it is him with me.  This photo is one of my treasures.

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