Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Remind Me Of A Time When I Was Boring...

I have hot love for Maximo Park.  Hot, giggly, mad love. 

I'm not usually a person for going all "Oh the lyrics man!  The LYRICS!  This song is about MEEEEE!".  I'm a much shallower being.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a well-crafted lyric, but I'm not a pretentious wanker, so.  However, when it comes to the Park, their lyrics are just so miraculously spot on that it makes a wee tear form. 

I first started listening to them in a big way in the early summer of 2007.  My boyfriend had just dumped me, I got to know a boy who made me listen to Our Velocity and I fell in love (with the song, not the boy, he had a snaggle-tooth).

They instantly became the soundtrack to my couple of months of heartbreak and single-ness (we got back together, but that's not the issue).  I was in a state during this time.  I was miserable and missing my boyfriend painfully.  I was rarely thinking straight - completely on auto-pilot and prone to breaking down at any time.  Sure I was having enough fun with friends and whatnot in the meantime, but my enduring memories of that period are lying in my bedroom late at night with the lights off, listening to Our Earthly Pleasures on repeat.  I did that a lot.  So now when I listen to that album, I am instantly taken back to that scenario.  And it's not a bad memory.  Even now, that album still makes me feel comforted in a way that few other albums I own can.

The first album has a completely different connotation for me - it's my album for my next stage of getting over him - moving on, realising what was wrong with our relationship, getting on with my life, getting back out there.  So I've been listening to it a lot recently.  Going Missing is the one song, in the whole wide world, that has ever made me tear up.  Honestly.  I don't cry at songs.  Never have.  But this is one song that just gets me.

As for Quicken The Heart, the 3rd album, I associate it most with my sillier recent moments.  There's an air of desperation around it, an air of not-really-knowing-what-the-fuck-I'm-at.  Let's Get Clinical is the story of my fucking life these days.  Like it actually describes a few nights I've had recently.  And I love having this band around to remind me.

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